SSOA Administration

Board Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2020

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:39 p.m.
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray                  

Board Members Present: Bill Campbell, President, Roger DeGray, Vice President, Tom Jeanes, Treasurer, Ray Schoenwandt, Director & Secretary, Donna Barrese.

Approved Agenda:
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray

Approved Minutes From:  April 8, 2020
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray 5-0 motion

 EXECUTIVE MEETING:  Was held on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 5:30 pm
Items of Discussion:

  •  Hiring a temporary maintenance person
  • Architectural application Fence – at Unit & Lot # 4-340
  • Discuss serving legal documents to proceed with foreclosure on Unit & Lot #3-238
  • Collections on Unit & Lot #3-287
  • Loose dog complaint Unit & Lot #22-156
  • Potential Fire Hazard at Unit & Lot # 4-311

PLANNING MEETING:   Was held on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm

  • Plan going forward dealing with the Corona Virus
  • Member feed-back on the proposed Election Rules
  • Hire Contractor to Chip downed brush along walking trail
  • Clear access lanes on the 4 & 7 Acre Greenbelts
  • Discuss the 7 acre Green belt debris piles
  • Keys/access to Pine Tree Lane – Evacuation Plan
  • Culvert on Sierra Springs Drive at pump station
  • Haley & Company Financial Review
  • Discuss getting a bid to add Pickle Ball to SSOA ‘s Tennis Court
  • Update on Candidates Statements Received by deadline of 04/23/20

Open Forum:   
Member Jimi Scheid had concerns about the trees that PG&E has selected for tree removal within SSOA specifically, the trees that are being cut down on private property.  Roger DeGray said that he had a long conversation with a representative from PG&E regarding the tree removal that is taking place in our development.  The PG&E representative stated if a tree could hit the powerlines it will be removed.  Jimi said that he is a licensed Forrester and an Arborist and that PG&E representatives should also be an Arborist when making these decisions that are impacting the Association.  Cathy Petersen suggested putting something in the next newsletter for Members to refer to PG&E’s requirements/guidelines for tree removal.  Jimi wanted clarification from PG&E stating their requirements/guidelines.  Roger DeGray said that he would write a letter to PG&E asking them for their requirements/guidelines for tree removal.

Cathy Petersen discussed revising the SSOA collection policy since it has not been revised since 2015.  Cathy will submit the revisions to the Board for their input and review.

Cathy Petersen inquired about the update in the SSOA Bylaws that Ray Schoenwandt & Donna Barrese are working on.  Donna stated that she has completed her portion of the Bylaws.  Ray is working on completing his portion of the Bylaws.

Manager’s Report: Association Manager, Shelly Thompson reported:

  • I Placed an employment ad on Craigslist and in the Mt. Democrat paper for a Temporary Maintenance person to fill-in while our Maintenance person James Stark is on a medical leave.  In the meantime, Ron Bass has been filling in until we hire someone.  Both pools have been chemically treated for the summer start-up and the covers will remain on the pools until we get the “ok” from the Health Department to open the pools.  I spoke with the Health Department today and they said that we would fall under “phase 3” for opening the pools.  They are not sure at this time as to when “phase 3” will be permitted.  I will continue to check back with them. 
  • Pool furniture will be set-up on Friday, and we will continue to get the grounds and pools ready for the summer. 
  • Pool staff will be hired in anticipation of open the pools as well.
  • Ron Bass said that he would mow the Meadow in mid-to-late June.
  • El Dorado Weed Control has completed the weed abatement on the 9 miles of non-county maintained roadways and they have treated the campgrounds, behind the Lodge & Lodge pool.
  • FYI…someone dumped a truck load of decking material along the lower portion of Sierra Springs Drive toward Clear Creek Road.  Ron cleaned it up and took it to the dumps.
  • I am receiving a lot of the Defensible Space forms and request for Evaluators to view their property prior to the June 1st deadline.

Bill Campbell made a motion to approve the Treasurers report.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
Treasurers Report: Treasurer, Tom Jeanes, reported that the budget looks good.  Income $1,500 less than what we budgeted for.  The utilities are less then expected for this time of year and the AT&T renewal was received for our small business plan.

Fire Safety Committee:  Chairperson, Kay Campbell for the Sierra Springs Regional Fire Safe Council reported that the $250k grant should be coming through to the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council.  Kay will be completing the “Right of Entry Forms” for private properties.  There is a Town Hall meeting that will be held on Zoom presented by El Dorado County Vegetation Management on Thursday, May 14th at 6pm.

Road Committee:  Bill Campbell said there is not much to report about the roads right now other than the Clear Creek Bridge project is scheduled to start construction sometime at the end of May or the start of June 2020.

CC&R Committee:  Cathy Petersen said that the CC&R Committee has received 9 complaints in the last 30 days.

Bill Campbell made a motion for a resolution to discuss all the items on tonight’s Agenda.  Tom Jeanes seconds the motion. 
M/S/C Campbell/Jeanes 5-0 motion carries

05-A01 – Election Rules – Reviewed the updated Election Rules that were mandated by the state. Discussion was made over the requirement that a member must be a resident for at least one year before they could serve on the Board.  Some members felt that you could be missing out on a good candidate to serve on the Board if you require them to be a resident of the Association for a year before serving on the Board.  After further discussion, Bill Campbell made a motion who is in favor of the Election Rules requiring one year residency to serve on the Board.  Roger DeGray, Tom Jeanes & Ray Schoenwandt voted yes.  Bill Campbell & Donna Barrese were opposed of the one year requirement.
3-2 motion carries

05-A02 – Haley & Company - Reviewed the financial review for the year ending December 31, 2019 submitted by Haley & Company.  Bill Campbell made a motion to approve the financial review ending December 31, 2019 that was submitted by Haley & Company.  Donna Barrese seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/Barrese 5-0 motion carries

05-A03 – Fidelity Bond – Discussed purchasing a Fidelity Bond for the Association.  Per our insurance agent the Association is not required to carry a Fidelity Bond since we already have a Crime Policy in place.

05-A04 – Pickle Ball Court – Discuss bid to create a Pickle Ball court on one of the SSOA tennis courts.  There were two bids submitted for a Pickle Ball court.  Bill Campbell made a motion to approve the bid submitted by Excel Striping & Painting not to exceed $950.Donna Barrese seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/Barrese 5-0 motion carries

05-A05 – CC&R Fine – Discussed fining the property owner at Unit & Lot 22-156 for allowing his dog to continue to run loose in the neighborhood.  The property owner has been notified in previous letters from the Association to keep his dog contained on his property.  This item will be carried over to the July Board Meeting. 

05-A06 – Collection Account – Discussed placing a “Lien & Hold” on a collection account for Unit & Lot 22-055.  This property is in a bankruptcy and the collectability profile that the collection company provides shows that there is no equity in property.  Bill Campbell made a motion to place the account on a “Lien & Hold”.  Tom Jeanes seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/Jeanes 5-0 motion carries

05-A07 – Collection Invoice – Discuss closing collection account on Unit & Lot 2-178 at a cost to the Association of $1,164.05.  The collection company would like to proceed with Small Claims Court that will require additional fees to the Association.  Bill Campbell made a motion to close the account and pay the $1,164.05 rather than accruing additional costs.  Tom Jeanes seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/Jeanes 5-0 motion carries

Bill Campbell made a motion to adjourn the
Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
Meeting Adjourned 8:06 PM

Respectfully Submitted by, Shelly Thompson, Association Manager