SSOA Membership Information

About your SSOA:

Sierra Springs Owners Association provides essential services and governance for the Sierra Springs property owners. The board and related committees are maintained by members of the SSOA property owners directly. The Association helps to ensure our roads are cleared of snow in the winter and of fire hazards during the summer months. Swimming pools and related facilities are maintained along with the clubhouse and other related items. Your SSOA dues help to support these. Refer to the Governance section of this website for more information.

About Fire Safety:

We live in a beautiful area surrounded by trees and natural landscapes. Every property owner should be aware of fire safety and keep their property clear of fire dangers. Refer to this document for more information on how you can help keep your property and Sierra Springs fire safe.

Recreation ID Cards:

ID cards are issued to members as part of your Dues for exclusive use of the lodge and the swimming pools. Dues must be current and in "good standing" or card access could be revoked. Guests are also able to use the same facilities as long as they are with a property owner. The replacement cost is $25.00 should a card be lost. Please contact Shelly at the SSOA office or refer to this document for more information.

Lodge facilities:

The Lodge is a great place to host family gathernings or just sit and read a book. It has a Ping Pong table, Pool table, a lending library, big screen TV and room for parties and club meetings. Full kitchen facilities are available and a small fee is collected when the premises are reserved for private use. Please refer to this document if you wish to reserve the lodge for your event.

Tennis Courts:

Tennis courts are available for use by owners seasonally. Members are responsible for keeping the courts clean and free from any damage from misuse. Courts are kept locked but SSOA members may be issued a key when they provide a security deposit of $10 (by check - refundable). Members may keep their key so they have access to the courts. Key must be returned if/when they leave the SSOA. Contact the SSOA office manager for details.

Road Maintenance:

Tree trimming and weed removal is provided along Associatio maintained roads throughout the year. During the winter months the immediate removal of snow is performed as is the sanding of roads to prevent skidding during icy periods (we are top priority with the snow plow).

Association Dues:

Association Dues provide funding for the many things maintained by the Association committee. Dues are billed quarterly on all lots in Sierra Springs on the first of January, April, July and October, and are due within 30 days of those dates regardless of receiving a bill. The following list shows the amounts due per quarter depending upon the lot location and/or road usage:
  • $180.00 for lots on Association maintained roads
  • $160.00 for lots on County maintained roads (Units 1-4)
  • $40.00 for lots outside development with ingress/egress road usage

SSOA Meetings:

Please see the Governance section of this website for information about SSOA meetings, schedules, and meeting minutes.

The SSOA Newsletter:

The SSOA newsletter includes up-to-date information pertaining to Sierra Springs ongoing activities! You can access the newsletter here (place link)

SSOA campsite Info:

Your SSOA has a camp area that can be used. Are you interested in reserving a campsite? (Need more information about the campsite here, hookups, length of stay, fees, forms and other types of info.)

Swimming Pools and Recreation:

There are two swimming pools, each with restrooms and showers. One is located adjacent to the Lodge and the other on Wisteria Drive. During the summer months pool monitors are assiged, but does not include life guard service (see pool safety rules here). Barbeque and picnic tables are available as first come, first served.
There is a children's playground also available at the Wisteria pool. Near the lodge there are 41 acres of valley recreation areas that include a double tennis court.

Noisey neighbors or other complaints
This guide provides tips and information on how to approach and resolve situations with noisey neighbors. Also, use this Complaint Form that include other things, even with the SSOA as a reference.

Septic system guide.
This guide provides tips and information on how to maintain your septic system so you can prevent costly repairs or replacements.

Storage Guidlines.
This guide provides information about how and how not to store items on your property in order to stay in compliance with the SSOA CC&R's.